Date Author Title
2023-05-30Johannes UllrichYour Business Data and Machine Learning at Risk: Attacks Against Apache NiFi
2023-01-02Xavier MertensNetworkMiner 2.8 Released
2022-04-05Johannes UllrichWebLogic Crypto Miner Malware Disabling Alibaba Cloud Monitoring Tools
2021-12-21Xavier MertensMore Undetected PowerShell Dropper
2021-03-19Xavier Used As a Simple C2 Channel
2020-11-07Guy BruneauCryptojacking Targeting WebLogic TCP/7001
2020-02-02Didier StevensVideo: Stego & Cryptominers
2019-12-26Xavier MertensBypassing UAC to Install a Cryptominer
2019-04-02Johannes UllrichFake AV is Back: LaCie Network Drives Used to Spread Malware
2019-01-10Brad DuncanHeartbreaking Emails: "Love You" Malspam
2019-01-02Xavier MertensMalicious Script Leaking Data via FTP
2018-11-30Remco VerhoefCoinMiners searching for hosts
2018-09-07Xavier MertensCrypto Mining in a Windows Headless Browser
2018-08-30Xavier MertensCrypto Mining Is More Popular Than Ever!
2018-07-13Xavier MertensCryptominer Delivered Though Compromized JavaScript File
2018-03-05Xavier MertensMalicious Bash Script with Multiple Features
2018-03-04Xavier MertensThe Crypto Miners Fight For CPU Cycles
2017-11-13Guy BruneauVBE Embeded Script (
2017-09-30Lorna HutchesonWho's Borrowing your Resources?
2017-01-12Mark BaggettSome tools updates
2016-11-13Guy BruneauBitcoin Miner File Upload via FTP
2014-07-07Johannes UllrichMulti Platform *Coin Miner Attacking Routers on Port 32764
2014-04-01Johannes Synology Scanner Also Found on Routers
2013-12-16Tom WebbThe case of Minerd
2009-11-25Jim ClausingTool updates