Date Author Title
2024-06-26Guy BruneauWhat Setting Live Traps for Cybercriminals Taught Me About Security [Guest Diary]
2024-06-13Guy BruneauThe Art of JQ and Command-line Fu [Guest Diary]
2024-05-28Guy BruneauIs that It? Finding the Unknown: Correlations Between Honeypot Logs & PCAPs [Guest Diary]
2024-05-22Guy BruneauAnalysis of ?redtail? File Uploads to ICS Honeypot, a Multi-Architecture Coin Miner [Guest Diary]
2024-04-07Guy BruneauA Use Case for Adding Threat Hunting to Your Security Operations Team. Detecting Adversaries Abusing Legitimate Tools in A Customer Environment. [Guest Diary]
2022-12-20Xavier MertensLinux File System Monitoring & Actions
2022-12-19Xavier MertensHunting for Mastodon Servers
2021-03-17Xavier MertensDefenders, Know Your Operating System Like Attackers Do!
2020-08-24Xavier MertensTracking A Malware Campaign Through VT
2020-01-25Guy BruneauIs Threat Hunting the new Fad?
2020-01-21Russ McReeDeepBlueCLI: Powershell Threat Hunting
2019-10-10Rob VandenBrinkMining Live Networks for OUI Data Oddness
2019-07-17Xavier MertensAnalyzis of DNS TXT Records
2019-03-27Xavier MertensRunning your Own Passive DNS Service
2018-11-20Xavier MertensQuerying DShield from Cortex
2018-10-17Russ McReeRedHunt Linux - Adversary Emulation, Threat Hunting & Intelligence
2018-09-20Xavier MertensHunting for Suspicious Processes with OSSEC
2018-08-10Remco VerhoefHunting SSL/TLS clients using JA3
2018-06-21Xavier MertensAre Your Hunting Rules Still Working?
2018-04-27Tom WebbMore Threat Hunting with User Agent and Drupal Exploits
2017-12-02Xavier MertensUsing Bad Material for the Good
2017-11-23Xavier MertensProactive Malicious Domain Search
2017-10-18Renato MarinhoBaselining Servers to Detect Outliers
2017-09-02Xavier MertensAutoIT based malware back in the wild
2017-07-09Russ McReeAdversary hunting with SOF-ELK
2017-03-15Xavier MertensRetro Hunting!
2016-07-12Xavier MertensHunting for Malicious Files with MISP + OSSEC
2015-08-16Guy BruneauAre you a "Hunter"?
2008-11-05donald smithBot net hunters get an improved tool from SRI bothunters