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15 hours ago Is EA going anywhere?

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This is a legitimate question after so many years of status quo.There is no proof that EA, as the Enterprise Model, exists today. There is no EA model, I could see, we can inspect and navigate but stories about the hard EA experience.  

There is no proper Body of Knowledge (BoK) but same all culprits that time and again deliver to their own specifications rather than the expected

1 day ago Google Patches High Risk Flaws in Chrome

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Google this week released an updated version of Chrome 61 to address two High severity vulnerabilities.

Available for download as version 61.0.3163.100, the new Chrome iteration was pushed to all Windows, Mac, and Linux users, and should reach all in the next several days/weeks.

1 day ago Data From 540,000 GPS Vehicle Trackers Leaked Online

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Another configuration oversight has allowed highly-sensitive data that was stored in the cloud to leak.

1 day ago Want to get around app whitelists by pretending to be Microsoft? Of course you can...

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...And here's how

DerbyCon A sprinkle of code and an understanding of the Windows digital certificate process is all that's needed for a miscreant to sneak malware past Microsoft's application whitelist within a corporate environment.

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12 hours ago Pervasive encryption

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The days of simple encryption or even no encryption are gone. Nowadays hackers are not simply disaffected teenagers, they include criminal gangs, foreign government agencies, and, perhaps, your own staff. Not only is it important to keep your data secure so that you can stay in business, you also need to be seen to be secure in order to comply with the myriad of regulations around sensitive data (PCI,