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9 hours ago Zoom Stops Transferring Data by Default to Facebook

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Privacy Gaffe Blamed on Facebook's iOS Software Development KitZoom has apologized for sharing large sets of user data by default with Facebook, blaming the social network's software development kit, which it has removed from its iOS app. With COVID-19 driving unprecedented levels of remote working, video conferencing software is under the privacy and security microscope.

3 hours ago How to use an iPhone or Android device as the security key for your Google account

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Your smartphone can act as your security key to authenticate your Google credentials on the web. Learn how to set that up on an Android device or an iPhone.

1 day ago Source code of Dharma ransomware pops up for sale on hacking forums

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The source code of one of today's most profitable and advanced ransomware strains is up for sale on two Russian-language hacking forums.

1 day ago Privacy Rights May Become Next Victim of Killer Pandemic

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Digital surveillance and smartphone technology may prove helpful in containing the coronavirus pandemic -- but some activists fear this could mean lasting harm to privacy and digital rights.

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30 minutes ago Health Data Breach Tally Spikes in Recent Weeks

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Will Hacking Incidents, Other Breaches Continue to Rise During COVID-19 Pandemic?The total number of health data breaches - and individuals affected - on the 2020 tally has more than doubled in recent weeks. Here are the details.

46 minutes ago Vulnerabilities Expose Lexus, Toyota Cars to Hacker Attacks

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Vulnerabilities in Lexus and Toyota cars could be exploited by hackers to launch remote attacks against affected vehicles, researchers at China-based Tencent Keen Security Lab discovered.

1 hour ago The dark web: Where coronavirus fraud, profiteering, malware, and scams are discussed

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COVID-19 is fueling new dark web conversations about cybercriminal activity, says cyber intelligence company Sixgill.

1 hour ago State-Backed Players Join Pandemic Cyber Crime Attacks

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Sophisticated state-supported actors are following cybercriminals in exploiting the coronavirous pandemic and posing an "advanced persistent threat" (APT), French defence technology giant Thales warned Monday.

1 hour ago Security policies explain step-by-step solutions for strengthening IT defenses

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These TechRepublic Premium resources offer a comprehensive solution from responding to a data breach to explaining company-wide security responsibilities.

1 hour ago Top 5 remote access threats

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
When working from home, it's important to understand the security risks. Tom Merritt lists five remote access threats so you can secure your system.

1 hour ago Microsoft to Add Compromised Password Notification to Edge

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Microsoft on Monday announced several new features for its Edge web browser, including one that will alert users if the credentials they have saved to autofill have been compromised as a result of a third-party data breach.

2 hours ago FBI: Cybercrime Gang Mailing 'BadUSB' Devices to Targets

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Malicious USB Devices Accompanied by Fake Gift Cards to Entice Would-Be VictimsThe FBI warns that the notorious FIN7 cybercrime gang has a new trick up its sleeve: Mailing victims a $50 gift card portrayed as good for redeeming items listed on an accompanying USB storage device, which in reality downloads Griffon backdoor software to give attackers remote access.

2 hours ago Hacker hijacks Microsoft YouTube accounts to broadcast crypto Ponzi scam

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Several of Microsoft's YouTube accounts appear to have been hacked.

3 hours ago Microsoft outlines more new features coming to its Chromium-based Edge browser

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Microsoft is readying several new capabilities for its new Edge browser, including a password monitor and vertical tabs.

3 hours ago How coronavirus sentiment and behavior has changed, shown in three charts

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Over the past three weeks, we've been conducting Twitter polls that gave us an interesting view in how our readers are responding to COVID-19.