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10 hours ago UK Teen Who Hacked CIA Chief Gets Two-Year Prison Term

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

A British teenager who accessed the email accounts of top US intelligence and security officials including the head of the CIA was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday.

Kane Gamble, 18, founder of Crackas With Attitude, will serve his sentence in a youth detention facility.

18 hours ago Blockchain's 'Underpants Gnomes' Problem

Forbes View Synopsis+1
At this week's Blockchain Expo in London, both types of companies were on display: companies with real business models as well as wonderfully innovative projects with no clear path to profitability.

1 day ago iPhones, iPads Can Be Hacked via 'Trustjacking' Attack

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A feature that allows users to wirelessly sync their iPhones and iPads with iTunes can be abused by hackers to take control of iOS devices in what researchers call a "Trustjacking" attack.

1 day ago Eight months after Equifax megahack, some Brits are only just being notified

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I'm fsck-ed off it took this long, rages affected Reg reader

Some of the 15 million Britons affected by the Equifax mega-hack are only now receiving letters notifying them that they were affected by the breach, eight months after the event.…

2 days ago Flash! Ah-ahhh! WebEx pwned for all of us!

The Register View Synopsis+1
Cisco issues critical patch to stop in-meeting attacks

Cisco has patched a serious vulnerability in its WebEx software that lets an attacker remotely execute code on target machines via poisoned Flash files.…

Top News

3 hours ago Oh, baby! Newborn-care website leaves database of medics wide open

The Register View Synopsis+1
Health Stream, are you out there? The guy that found your data leak wants a word

A US healthcare company apparently exposed on the public internet contact information for hundreds of medical professionals.…

11 hours ago Machine learning allowed this company to detect Meltdown and Spectre before Intel broke the news

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
At RSA 2018, Bill Conner, CEO of SonicWall, talks to TechRepublic about how AI and machine learning can help companies guard against in-memory attacks.

10 hours ago Smart home suites match up devices for security and convenience

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Are you looking for ways to make your home smarter and safer? Then check out these hand-picked products. They're easy to use and overall good options if you don't know where to start.

10 hours ago Abbott Issues Software Patches for More Cardiac Devices

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Updates Address Cybersecurity, Battery ProblemsAbbott Laboratories has issued software updates for certain implantable cardiac devices to address cybersecurity flaws and battery issues that pose potential safety risks to patients. The problems were also the subject of previous warnings by two federal agencies.

Latest News

4 hours ago Oh, baby! Newborn-care site leaves user database wide open

The Register View Synopsis+1
Health Stream, are you out there? The guy that found your data leak wants a word

A US health company apparently exposed contact information for hundreds of medical professionals.…

6 hours ago No way, RSA! Security conference's mobile app embarrassingly insecure

The Register View Synopsis+1
Sorry about the hard-coded passwords, can we sell you some crypto now?

RSA has copped to a security vulnerability in the mobile app it served to attendees of its annual security conference, held this week in San Francsico.…

7 hours ago How your company can measure its 'cyber resilience' and evaluate its posture

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Non-profits ISACA and CMMI help companies score their cybersecurity readiness and create a gap analysis to get up to speed.

7 hours ago Why the US federal government has been leaning into the cloud since 2011

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The cloud benefits of elasticity, scalability, and nimbleness were tailor-made for some of the massive and intermittent IT projects of the US government.

7 hours ago IBM: Fewer records are being breached, but cyber attacks are getting more costly

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
Incident response research from Big Blue offers surprising results, as hacks get more serious but defenders improve their tools and training. IBM's Wendi Whitmore explains.

7 hours ago LinkedIn AutoFill bug could leak personal data to third parties and attackers

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
LinkedIn's AutoFill button is supposed to only work on approved websites, but any website could have tricked users into providing personal data with just one click anywhere on their screen.

7 hours ago Upcoming Windows Defender feature will tell you when security fails

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Microsoft is planning a new feature for Windows Defender that will continually check for system integrity, informing users if any secure part of the operating system has been compromised.

7 hours ago After Facebook's Data 'Blow-Up' Are DAOs Leveraging Blockchain The Future?

Forbes View Synopsis+1
Following the data breach involving Cambridge Analytica that embroiled Facebook and brought the social media giant CEO's Mark Zuckerberg to testify on Capitol Hill, are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), run according to rules established through blockchain smart contracts, the future?

8 hours ago 10 bits of career wisdom for beginning cybersecurity professionals

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
Cybersecurity can be a demanding and rewarding field. Here are some tips for those just starting out, based on the experience of two seasoned security pros.

8 hours ago British Crackas With Attitude chief gets two years in the cooler for CIA spymaster hack

The Register View Synopsis+1
Kane Gamble gambles and loses on hacking skills

The British teenager who was sufficiently talented and stupid to hack the webmail of the head of the CIA was today given a two-year jail sentence.…

10 hours ago Microsoft Announces New Windows Platform Security Technology

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Microsoft on Thursday announced Windows Defender System Guard runtime attestation, a new Windows platform security technology set to roll out to all editions of Windows.

10 hours ago Unpatched Flaw Exposes LG NAS Devices to Remote Attacks

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Researchers claim hackers can remotely exploit an unpatched command injection vulnerability to take control of network-attached storage (NAS) devices from LG.

VPN specialists at vpnMentor discovered that many LG NAS models are impacted by a flaw that can be exploited without authentication.