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7 hours ago DoD Launches 'Hack the Marine Corps' Bug Bounty Program

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The U.S. Department of Defense on Monday announced the launch of "Hack the Marine Corps," the organization's sixth bug bounty program.

Similar to previous programs run by the Pentagon, Hack the Marine Corps is hosted by bug bounty platform HackerOne.

6 hours ago Man-in-the-Disk attacks take advantage of Android storage systems

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The novel attack technique relies on Android developers which use lazy storage protocols.

5 hours ago May the May update be with you: OpenSSL key sniffed from radio signal

The Register View Synopsis+1
'One and Done' attack patched in library's May 2018 release

If you missed the OpenSSL update released in May, go back and get it: a Georgia Tech team recovered a 2048-bit RSA key from OpenSSL using smartphone processor radio emissions, in a single pass.

5 hours ago Hackers can infiltrate police body cameras to tamper with evidence

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It is possible that crucial recordings could be modified or deleted due to vulnerabilities in body cam software.

5 hours ago FBI Warns Of Pending Large Scale ATM Cashout Strike

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Attack May Pivot On A Data Breach At 'Unknown Card Issuer' Agency SaysThe FBI warns that cybercriminals are planning a large-scale operation aimed at emptying ATMs, a type of attack that has caused swift and costly losses for financial institutions. The attack may utilize data from a breach of an unknown card issuer, the FBI says.

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1 hour ago Why hacking industrial control systems is an extension of statecraft

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When I have a bad day it's a bad day for a lot of people, says Sergio Caltagirone, former NSA cyber-defense expert and director of threat intelligence at Dragos.

Latest News

1 hour ago UK Police Deploy Homemade Mobile Fingerprint Scanners

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The UK Metropolitan Police Service -- the Met, the UK's largest police force and one of the largest in the world -- has introduced a new portable fingerprint scanner. This is not the first portable scanner used by the Met, but differs from the earlier option by being developed in-house.

1 hour ago Will AI and ML Make Security Cheaper?

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a significant impact on lowering the cost of securing an organization because it will reduce the need for advanced skillsets, predicts Rapid7's Richard Moseley.

1 hour ago Cybersecurity startup Exabeam raises $50 million Series D

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Exabeam uses data and AI to detect and respond to cyber threats.

1 hour ago How to inoculate the tech herd from IoT cyber-infections

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We invite insecurity and hacking, says Scythe CEO Bryson Bort, by pushing millions of insecure IoT devices into the environment.

1 hour ago Why ubiquitous facial recognition tech is a game changer

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Facial recognition and artificial intelligence could remove all of the privacy we have come to expect, says Intrepid Corporation's chief scientist Lance Cottrell.

1 hour ago Why critics who bash Musk's open source Tesla security project are wrong

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Tesla has been accused of pursuing self-interest in open sourcing its security code. That's true, but not the whole story.

1 hour ago New ransomware arrives with a hidden feature that hints at more sophisticated attacks to come

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New form of file-locking ransomware has a 'manual' option for more sophisticated attacks.

1 hour ago "‹Cisco patches router OS against new crypto attack on business VPNs

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New attack threatens enterprise VPN and could enable target networks to be impersonated or allow a man-in-the-middle attack.

1 hour ago Ensuring Your Industrial Wireless Systems Are Safely Deployed

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Finding a competitive edge in heavy industries and manufacturing today is as much about digitization and data analytics as it is about bringing new products and services to market. It has therefore become imperative for businesses in these sectors to invest in technologies that allow them to connect, control and monitor their industrial environments using sensors, gateways and other digital transformation tools.

1 hour ago Crypto Flaw Affects Products From Cisco, Huawei, ZyXEL

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A team of researchers has disclosed the details of a new attack method that can be used to crack encrypted communications. The products of several vendors, including Cisco, Huawei, ZyXEL and Clavister, are impacted.

7 hours ago Faxploit: Retro hacking of fax machines can spread malware

The Register View Synopsis+1
20th Century tech causing problems in the 21st

Video Corporations are open to hacking via a booby-trapped image data sent by fax, a hacker demo at DEF CON suggests.

7 hours ago Cisco patches IOS in response to boffins' IKE-busting breakthrough

The Register View Synopsis+1
Switchzilla issues update for authentication bypass flaw

Cisco has pushed out an update for its internetwork operating system (IOS) and IOS XE firmware in advance of a Usenix presentation on circumventing cryptographic key protocol.