Date Author Title
2024-02-21Jan KoprivaPhishing pages hosted on
2023-11-17Jan KoprivaPhishing page with trivial anti-analysis features
2023-09-26Jan KoprivaA new spin on the ZeroFont phishing technique
2023-08-31Jan KoprivaThe low, low cost of (committing) cybercrime
2023-05-15Jan KoprivaOngoing Facebook phishing campaign without a sender and (almost) without links
2023-05-01Jan Kopriva"Passive" analysis of a phishing attachment
2023-03-15Jan KoprivaIPFS phishing and the need for correctly set HTTP security headers
2023-02-19Didier Stevens"Unsupported 16-bit Application" or HTML?
2023-02-16Jan KoprivaHTML phishing attachment with browser-in-the-browser technique
2022-12-02Brad Duncanobama224 distribution Qakbot tries .vhd (virtual hard disk) images
2022-10-16Didier StevensVideo: Analysis of a Malicious HTML File (QBot)
2022-10-13Didier StevensAnalysis of a Malicious HTML File (QBot)
2022-07-13Xavier MertensUsing Referers to Detect Phishing Attacks
2022-02-11Xavier MertensCinaRAT Delivered Through HTML ID Attributes
2021-10-03Didier StevensVideo: CVE-2021-40444 Maldocs: Extracting URLs
2021-09-19Didier StevensVideo: Simple Analysis Of A CVE-2021-40444 .docx Document
2020-06-15Rick WannerHTML based Phishing Run
2018-09-13Xavier MertensMalware Delivered Through MHT Files
2014-01-13Johannes UllrichSpecial Webcast today: HTML5, Risky Business or Hidden Security Toolchest?
2011-12-22Johannes UllrichFirefox 9 Security Fixes