Date Author Title
2023-12-31Tom WebbPi-Hole Pi4 Docker Deployment
2023-05-04Xavier MertensInfostealer Embedded in a Word Document
2023-03-29Didier StevensExtracting Multiple Streams From OLE Files
2023-03-16Xavier MertensSimple Shellcode Dissection
2023-02-26Didier Stevensoledump & MSI Files
2022-07-24Didier StevensVideo: Maldoc: non-ASCII VBA Identifiers
2022-07-21Didier StevensMaldoc: non-ASCII VBA Identifiers
2022-05-14Didier StevensQuick Analysis Of Phishing MSG
2022-03-13Didier StevensYARA 4.2.0 Released
2022-03-05Didier Stevensoledump's Extra Option
2022-02-20Didier StevensVideo: YARA's Console Module
2022-01-30Didier StevensYARA's Console Module
2021-12-16Brad DuncanHow the "Contact Forms" campaign tricks people
2021-10-21Brad Duncan"Stolen Images Evidence" campaign pushes Sliver-based malware
2021-07-03Didier StevensFinding Strings With
2021-06-30Johannes UllrichCVE-2021-1675: Incomplete Patch and Leaked RCE Exploit
2021-06-28Didier StevensCFBF Files Strings Analysis
2021-06-24Xavier MertensDo you Like Cookies? Some are for sale!
2021-06-20Didier StevensVideo: oledump Cheat Sheet
2020-12-06Didier Stevensoledump's Indicators (video)
2020-11-15Didier Stevensoledump's ! Indicator
2020-11-08Didier StevensQuick Tip: Extracting all VBA Code from a Maldoc
2020-10-12Didier StevensNested .MSGs: Turtles All The Way Down
2020-10-11Didier StevensAnalyzing MSG Files With plugin_msg_summary
2020-09-18Xavier MertensA Mix of Python & VBA in a Malicious Word Document
2019-12-29Guy BruneauELK Dashboard for Pihole Logs
2019-12-23Didier StevensNew plugin: plugin_version_vba
2019-12-07Guy BruneauIntegrating Pi-hole Logs in ELK with Logstash
2019-11-25Xavier MertensMy Little DoH Setup
2019-05-10Xavier MertensDSSuite - A Docker Container with Didier's Tools
2019-02-26Russ McReeAd Blocking With Pi Hole
2018-08-19Didier StevensVideo: Peeking into msg files - revisited
2018-08-11Didier StevensPeeking into msg files - revisited
2016-06-12Guy BruneauDNS Sinkhole ISO Version 2.0
2016-03-07Xavier MertensAnother Malicious Document, Another Way to Deliver Malicious Code
2015-07-12Didier StevensJump List Files Are OLE Files
2015-07-04Didier StevensA .BUP File Is An OLE File
2015-05-15Didier StevensAnother Maldoc? I'm Afraid So...
2015-05-09Didier StevensMalicious Word Document: This Time The Maldoc Is A MIME File
2015-02-20Tom WebbFast analysis of a Tax Scam
2015-02-19Daniel WesemannMacros? Really?!
2013-11-18Johannes UllrichAm I Sending Traffic to a "Sinkhole"?
2013-05-04Kevin ShorttThe Zero-Day Pendulum Swings
2012-11-16Guy BruneauVMware security updates for vSphere API and ESX Service Console -
2012-01-21Guy BruneauDNS Sinkhole Scripts Fixes/Update
2011-10-15Guy BruneauDNS Sinkhole Parser Script Update
2011-09-09Guy BruneauIPv6 and DNS Sinkhole
2010-10-28Tony CarothersCyber Security Awareness Month - Day 28 - Role of the employee
2010-06-19Guy BruneauDNS Sinkhole ISO Available for Download
2010-01-10Guy BruneauEasy DNS BIND Sinkhole Setup