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dd progress indicator on OSX

Unfortunately, dd on OSX has no status option:

But it reacts to signals too, like dd on Linux. It's another signal however: siginfo.

And signal siginfo is coupled to key-combination CTRL-T. No need to use kill, you can just type CTRL-T in the terminal window where dd is running:

Didier Stevens
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Jul 8th 2018
> Unfortunately, dd on OSX has no status option

Fortunately, dd on OSX has no *linux*-equivalent dd option, because it came from FreeBSD, where it's had the SIGUSR1/SIGINT option since August 7, 1991 ;)

Was linux in public existence then?

It appears not:
On 25 August 1991, he (at age 21) announced this system in a Usenet posting to the newsgroup "comp.os.minix."

Why did they re-invent the wheel in the first place is a better question ;)

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OSX uses the BSD version of dd, the status extension has been added in FreeBSD and OpenBSD but well after OSX forked. NetBSD still doesn't have it

You (like many people) are probably used to the GNU variant.

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