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Windows 7 - How is it doing?

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system was officially released on Thursday October 22nd.  I'm sure that many of our readers were lined up outside their local candy stores to buy an early copy.  For those who have successfully installed it, tell us about your experience.  Was it good, bad, or ugly?  Any pearls of wisdom you'd like to pass along to others?  You can comment directly by using the comment link below or you can send us a private message by using our contact form.  Either way, we'd like to hear about some early experiences.  We'll update this diary from time to time with reader comments.

Marcus H. Sachs
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Oct 24th 2009
Those doing corporate mass deploys, you need to do two things.
Set up a KMS server on Win7/2003 or 2008R2.
Take a long look at Group Policies in ur ADS. Even IE8 alone has loads of settings.
The nasty bit is that SCCM does not deploy Windows7 to bare metal - unless ur willing to play with SCCM SP2 Beta.

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One more thing. Get used to IP V6. Its loaded by default.
After installing Windows 7 my network admin has been crying about a lot more arp. Dunno why.

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SCCM 2007 SP2 has been released. No more need to play with a Beta Version. See
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If you are upgrading from vista, i takes some extra time reading all required previous regs (not a big deal just to mention it), you have to change some preconceptions regarding the taskbar but its nice in the end.
On the performance point of view, I feel some relief but I have sound driver issues, eventually I have gaps, most likely I have to update the driver.
So my experience has been good but not perfect.

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I took the disk out, put it in the drive. clicked next and install i think three times, a reboot, and i was done.

Oh wait, that was Snow Leopard. Sorry.

(Just kidding)

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