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Talented and Creative Group We Are
Ok - We all know what a talented and creative group our Handlers are.  Some of them may be the most intelligent and talented programmers on earth.  Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration,  however we do have 3 of the finest in our amazing group.  By that I am referring to Tom Liston, Ed Skoudis, and Mike Poor.  These 3 brilliant minds have come together and created a nifty site to test just how well your computer is protected from the perils of the Net.

These sharp chaps have developed a web site that they call Spycar.

What is Spycar?
Spycar is a suite of tools designed to mimic spyware-like behavior, but in a benign form.  Intelguardians created Spycar so anyone could test the behavior-based defenses of an anti-spyware tool.

Check it out at

There are 17 tests that can be run.  (Tom assures me that these are harmless tests). Let us know how well they have done.  Let us know what program you are using and how many reds you get.


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May 5th 2006

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