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Spam ahoy!
This PR release slides nicely right into our current poll on how much spam a typical organization receives.  The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group has estimated that about 80%-85% of all e-mail is spam or malicious.  36% of respondents in our poll reported more than 75% with the rest being split between 50-75%, 10-50% and less than 10%.  This highlights the need to practice safe shopping online (see below, don't buy from spammers, it's bad for you) and to filter malicious e-mail.  Phishing, spyware, and e-mail viruses have all become vectors of doing one thing, seperating consumers from their money.  While I'm not going to be a doomsayer and say e-mail is dead, I will say this behavior will only increase and continue as long as it is successful.

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Mar 10th 2006

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