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SETI@Home site problems
Very early this morning we received a report that the SETI@Home site had been changed for some odd reason. In addition, there was an unexplained server crash on the 13th. These things combined lead to a very disconcerting situation.

Our concern at ISC is a _possible_ compromised SETI client that would allow unauthorized access into the machine(s) on which it resides. As with any software published for public consumption, it is always a good idea to have MD5 sums or PGP to go along with it. We are _strongly_ encouraging all users who have downloaded the client to double check that what they have downloaded is the correct version and date/time stamp.

These are the md5 checksums for the release which is currently posted on the SETI@Home website as of 9/19/04.

5322fb39dd6af736bc8aee6c31db35b8 *boinc_4.09_i686-pc-linux-gnu.gz
ca69109543ed734e8cbf95e2ac3b3f86 *boinc_4.09_powerpc-apple-darwin.gz
cf69d759218db851461fb94c4ff6409f *boinc_4.09_sparc-sun-solaris2.7.gz
a0ebd49d9f445b732c6194637b786794 *boinc_4.09_windows_intelx86.exe

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