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Replacing Phishers with a Small Shell Script: Jakarta Bombing Malware

Almost on cue, with the news of the bombing in Jakarta, the bottom-feeders of the black-hatters have started to put up Jakarta-related phishing schemes. The first wave seems to be more of the fake anti-virus variety and Threat Expert has a write up on that malware. Nothing seems particularly interesting on it.

It would be a novel invention (but probably unworkable) if domain registrars could simply halt registrations for "crisis-related" domains to slow this kind of thing down (and the same for web advertisement services like Google).  A list of hostile domains is on its way to various security researcher lists, but keep an eye for Jakarta-related phishing attacks.

John Bambenek
bambenek /at/ gmail dot com


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ISC Handler
Jul 17th 2009
yeah, and it would also help if domain registrars would stop registering pill spam domains, but we don't see that happening either...

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