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Java 7u5 and 6u33 released

Toby reminded us that Oracle is releasing Java 7 update 5 and Java 6 update 33 today.

Working links to release notes with security content and the like are more than welcome.

Swa Frantzen -- Section 66


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Jun 12th 2012
Security info now up:

Looks bad ...
It seems like Sun are now pushing JRE7 to JRE6 installs. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments around compatibility between the 2 releases? We were of the mind to hold off JRE7 until updates to JRE6 had stopped.
We had immediate problems with 7u5 and applets from major vendors, and had to downgrade. If you don't normally do extensive testing before deploying this type of update, this might be a case where it would be a good idea to do extra testing before pushing it out.

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Looks like updates to Java 6 updates will no longer be produced after November 2012:

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