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Happy Father's Day

In most countries June 15th is Father's Day this year.  So, to all of the dads out there in reader-land, we extend our warmest Happy Father's Day wishes.  Kids, be sure to call the Old Man today if you are no longer living at home and tell him how you are doing.  If you are still living in your parent's basement, then come upstairs and tell him how much you appreciate that high-speed Internet connection he's paying for.  :)

While you are on the phone (or IM'ing) with Dear Old Dad, ask him if he's got automatic updates turned on for the home computer and if he keeps his antivirus software updated.  Also check to make sure that he's got a good firewall in place.  Those three things will keep most of the evilware out of the family computer.  Beyond that, we can't stop Dad from surfing to parts of the Internet he should not be going to, from downloading lots of cool widgets and programs, or from engaging in file swapping.  But we can keep him educated on the latest threats and countermeasures.

Marcus H. Sachs
Director, SANS Internet Storm Center


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Jun 15th 2008

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