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Happenings in the Northeast US

On a quiet weekend it may have been a bit too quiet for some users in the Northeast US.  One reader, we shall call him ‘Joe’ for anonymity purposes, pointed out that there may have been some serious outages of some sort in the Philadelphia area, particularly related to one particular carrier.  I am currently asking all readers from the region to submit their input to our Contact page if they have anything to contribute.  Right now I am deliberately withholding all the information that ‘Joe’ submitted to see if we get more collaborating evidence.  Please, if you are in the Northeast US, and noticed any Internet difficulties over the last 24 hours, write in, let us know, and we’ll put everything together to try to find out what’s going on.

Thanx much,

Tony Carothers

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Apr 6th 2008
more happenings in the Northeast

Bank dumspter diving and possible extortion? but dumpster diving is legal, right?

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