Symantec AV problem on XP SP2 Simplified Chinese

Published: 2007-05-18
Last Updated: 2007-05-19 04:30:48 UTC
by Kyle Haugsness (Version: 2)
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We received a report that Symantec Antivirus was identifying two system files (netapp32.dll and lsass.exe) on the Simplified Chinese version of Windows XP SP2 as a virus (Backdoor.Haxdoor) and deleting them.  This prevents the machines from booting correctly.  News reports are limited at this time, so it's difficult to confirm.  But the following sources are available:

Update: This was confirmed by several people today.  Apparently it was lsasrv.dll and not lsass.exe.  The fix is to replace the DLL files from a restore CD.

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