Sophos Reveals the "Dirty Dozen"

Published: 2006-11-07
Last Updated: 2006-11-07 21:07:41 UTC
by Deborah Hale (Version: 1)
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I came across an article today about spam and what Sophos calls the "Dirty Dozen".  This refers to the top 12 spam producing countries in the world.  What I find rather interesting and somewhat ironic is that the US leads the way with being responsible for 21.6 % of the spam that was distributed in the 3rd quarter. 

Sophos reveals "Dirty Dozen"

Sophos says that they believe the increase in spam may be attributed to the some 300 strains of Stration or Warezov worm.  What I have to wonder about is why we still have so many people clicking on attachments (especially ZIP files) in unsolicited email.  What will it take for people to get the message that if you didn't ask for it, don't open it? 

Another thing that I find interesting is this statement in the article:

"Most unsolicited emails are now sent from zombie PCs - computers infected with Trojans, worms and viruses that turn them into spam-spewing bots."

With all the programs available to help with removal of the spyware, viruses and the like why do we in the US still have so many home computers infected with various forms of parasitic programs.  I worked on a computer a few nights ago that had over 300 different viruses, spyware and trojan-esq programs on it.  After a format and reload and installing all of the appropriate software and updates, I explained to the owner of the computer exactly what it was that happened and how it happened.  I explained that virus software does expire so you do have to renew it annually or subscribe to a service such as SecureIT that takes care of all of that for you.

Eventually maybe we will get to the place where the bad guys can't do anymore damage to the Ma and Pa home and small business computer.  I guess until then we just have to live with the fact that we are as guilty as the rest of the world at not being good Netizens.

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