New Ethereal released; A different Kind of Storm Center

Published: 2004-08-14
Last Updated: 2004-08-15 19:33:30 UTC
by Kevin Liston (Version: 1)
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New Ethereal released

The new Ethereal supports x.509 protocols now, there are no security fixes in this release.

Packetyzer was also updated recently. It supports Ethereal?s packet capture format and offers a bit more support for wireless captures. The extra feature that sets Packetyzer apart from ethereal is its playback function. You can edit the captured packet and then replay it on the wire. The TCP flow view option is particularly helpful in illustrating how protocols work.
A different Kind of Storm Center

The SANS Internet Storm Center sticker is proudly displayed on my cube at the office. I place threat announcements that affect the general user at the office. The other column has the American Red Cross? daily disaster report (when not keeping an eye on the Internet, I play disaster responder with the ARC.) This week is a rather busy week for the ARC so my cube is covered with satellite photos and storm path predictions of Bonnie and Charlie. So many graphics that they?ve pushed out the regular ISC announcements, and now the Internet Storm Center sign is taking on double duties.
It?s rare that we get the request on the handlers list, but for those of you looking for Meteorological data and analysis I offer these links:

The Hurricane Watch Net:

Reports of current storm activity in the United States:

Output from the Storm Prediction Center, again for the United States:
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