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Published: 2004-08-07
Last Updated: 2004-08-08 00:47:17 UTC
by Kevin Hong (Version: 1)
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We continue to receive submission on SSH brute force scan. From one of the submission received, the source is a public website and the the phpinfo() details can be viewed. This is a bad move as you are allowing others to see, not only the php configuration, but also some of the softwares and their version installed on the system. This file should be removed when you have verified the php is installed properly. We have informed the site to investigate.

Upgrade Mozilla Products

Mozilla has released new version for its products against the libpng vulnerability. If you are using Mozilla products, do upgrade them over the weekend:

To know more details on libpng vulnerability, please refer to:

Reading Corner

NIST has published a draft guidelines on PDA Forensics. Over the weekend, you may want to take a look:
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