MacOS X Security Update, more MS04-040 information

Published: 2004-12-03
Last Updated: 2004-12-05 00:48:14 UTC
by Davis Sickmon (Version: 1)
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MacOS X Security Update:

While MS usually gets all the press with it's updates, us MacOS X users shouldn't be left out on security announcements. Apple released the next set of security updates that include patches for Apache, Appkit, Safari, Cyrus IMAP, HIToolbox, iCal, Kerebos, Postfix, PSNormalizer, Quicktime Streaming Server, Safari, and Terminal. Patch 'em up and keep 'em safe, folks.

MS04-040 and MS04-038

The MS04-040 patch says it's a replacement for MS04-038, but Chris Mosby pointed out that it appears that certain systems will require MS04-038 applied still. 64 bit versions of Windows and Windows 2003 will still need to be patched with MS04-038.

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