IPv6 Focus Month at the Internet Storm Center

Published: 2013-03-01
Last Updated: 2013-03-01 18:28:35 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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As Johannes posted about at the end of January, we're going to focus on IPv6 during the month of March.  It probably won't be quite like our Cybersecurity Awareness Month posts in Oct, but we do want to look at the security issues and implications of IPv6.  We are still open to suggestions for topics or guest diaries, so feel free to send them to us in e-mail or reach out via the contact page.  To kick things off, I figured it would be worthwhile to point you to the diaries that we have done in the past with respect to IPv6, Johannes, Guy, and I have each written on the subject more than once.  We also have some IPv6 videos, the 6to4 conversion tool, and the IPv6 tcpdump cheatsheet (though the first page doesn't seem to display all that well in the new HTML5 PDF viewer in Firefox 19, at least, not for me).








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Has any pre-existing AT&T or Verizon Business customer (T1 or greater, not residential/DSL) been able to obtain IPv6 service from either of these? We are a government account (albeit, a very small organization) and we cannot any progress from either of these, beyond them wanting to sell us consulting services that we don't need.

It's not something we're going to change ISPs based on (or pay more for), but the lack of response or movement is very unimpressive. For both ISPs, the routers we are already on for our DS3s do not support IPv6 and they need to move us to other routers. However, this is what we heard over a year ago. No progress.

We've been trying to get native IPv6 service since we obtained PI ARIN addressing nearly two years ago. We have BGP-routed Hurricane Electric tunnels over our IPv4 links, but don't consider this production grade and we have no SLA with HE (free service). Again, we're not able to pay extra for IPv6 service, so we're stuck at this point.

I've started my annual "reach out" to our Account Execs to see where things are. I should probably post to NANOG as well, but thought there might be some eyeballs on this here.

jasonroy --at-- mid [dot] org

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