Frosty The Snowcrash

Published: 2007-12-14
Last Updated: 2007-12-14 18:22:16 UTC
by Mike Poor (Version: 3)
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Ladies and Gentlemen, the end is near!... the end of the year that is.  During this wondrous time of winter cheer, what a better way to escape the holiday shopping madness than to fully immerse yourselves in Ed Skoudis' latest creative challenge:  Frosty the Snowcrash. 

As many of you already know, my good friend Ed's hacker challenges are an exciting and creative way to test your 1337 security kung fu skills.  You can find his latest masterpiece at

As is customary during this time of year, analysts that are good (well, they have to be very very good) will get presents (sometime known as prizes); those that are bad (well, in fact everyone else) will get a lump of coal (actually, they will receive an email with an ascii art drawing of a lump of coal).

So, you think you have good kung fu?  Head on over to see if you can solve the Frosty the Snowcrash Challenge.

Happy Holidays!

Mike Poor

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