Anti-spam list shutoff; Special report on "phishing" attacks

Published: 2004-03-15
Last Updated: 2004-03-16 00:11:34 UTC
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Anti-spam list shutoff

We received notice from some folks that have been affected by the
DNS-based anti-spam service shutoff from It appears they
have shutoff this service after giving warning to users.


"NOTICE: All Monkeys.Com DNS anti-spam lists were shut down and
discontinued on September 23rd, 2003. As of Sunday March 15th, 2004,
the final shutdown phase for these lists has begun and as of now every
IP address in the world has been listed on the former Monkeys.Com
anti-spam lists as a final inducement to get other Internet sites to
stop referring to our former anti-spam lists.

Please note that we have made all reasonable attempts to contact all of
the different mail server administrators at all of the different
Internet sites that have been using our anti-spam lists, and we have
tried to convince them all to stop improperly making references to our
former anti-spam lists, however our records indicate that despite these
efforts, as of Sunday, March 14th, 2004, there are still over 1,500
different Internet sites that are still improperly referring to the
various Monkeys.Com anti-spam lists. (All of these anti-spam lists were
officially shut down and discontinued way back in September of 2003,
and a public announcement of the shutdown was made at the time. Also,
and additionally, a final end-of-life public notice was posted to
various anti-spam mailing lists and newsgroups on February 10th,


US Department of Justice issues special report on "phishing" attacks

The Department of Justice has issued a special report on the rise of
"phishing" attacks. It contains contact information for banks and
service providers who can help respond to a phishing attack. The report
also has helpful hints for identifying and responding to these attacks.
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