Date Author Title
2024-05-06Johannes UllrichDetecting XFinity/Comcast DNS Spoofing
2020-12-08Johannes UllrichDecember 2020 Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Exchange, Sharepoint, Dynamics and DNS Spoofing
2015-05-30Russell EubanksWeekend Learning - Spoofer Project
2015-02-19Daniel WesemannDNS-based DDoS
2013-10-21Johannes UllrichNew tricks that may bring DNS spoofing back or: "Why you should enable DNSSEC even if it is a pain to do"
2013-03-29Chris MohanFake Link removal requests
2012-01-24Bojan ZdrnjaIs it time to get rid of NetBIOS?
2009-03-11Bojan ZdrnjaMassive ARP spoofing attacks on web sites
2009-01-31Swa FrantzenDNS DDoS - let's use a long term solution
2008-07-08Johannes UllrichMulitple Vendors DNS Spoofing Vulnerability