Date Author Title
2023-08-11Xavier MertensShow me All Your Windows!
2022-02-18Xavier MertensRemcos RAT Delivered Through Double Compressed Archive
2020-04-30Xavier MertensCollecting IOCs from IMAP Folder
2020-02-28Xavier MertensShow me Your Clipboard Data!
2020-02-14Xavier MertensKeep an Eye on Command-Line Browsers
2019-01-21Didier StevensSuspicious GET Request: Do You Know What This Is?
2018-02-25Didier StevensRetrieving malware over Tor on Windows
2015-01-27Johannes UllrichNew Critical GLibc Vulnerability CVE-2015-0235 (aka GHOST)
2013-07-16Johannes UllrichWhy don't we see more examples of web app attacks via POST?
2011-01-13Rob VandenBrinkIs Infosec seeing "Death by a Thousand Budget Cuts"?
2010-12-23Mark HofmanWhite house greeting cards
2009-06-04Raul SilesTargeted e-mail attacks asking to verify wire transfer details
2009-02-25Swa FrantzenTargeted link diversion attempts
2009-01-18Maarten Van HorenbeeckTargeted social engineering
2008-09-22Maarten Van HorenbeeckData exfiltration and the use of anonymity providers
2008-07-09Johannes UllrichUnpatched Word Vulnerability
2008-05-26Marcus SachsPredictable Response
2008-04-24Maarten Van HorenbeeckTargeted attacks using malicious PDF files
2008-03-27Maarten Van HorenbeeckGuarding the guardians: a story of PGP key ring theft