Date Author Title
2019-07-10Rob VandenBrinkSamba Project tells us "What's New" - SMBv1 Disabled by Default (finally)
2017-08-01Rob VandenBrinkRooting Out Hosts that Support Older Samba Versions
2017-05-25Xavier MertensCritical Vulnerability in Samba from 3.5.0 onwards
2016-03-06Jim ClausingNovel method for slowing down Locky on Samba server using fail2ban
2014-08-02Chris MohanAll Samba 4.x.x are vulnerable to a remote code execution vulnerability in the nmbd NetBIOS name services daemon
2012-04-10Swa FrantzenSAMBA "root" credential remote code execution.
2012-02-24Guy BruneauBlackBerry PlayBook tablet Samba file sharing Vulnerability -
2011-08-10Guy BruneauSamba 3.6.0 Released
2009-10-04Guy BruneauSamba Security Information Disclosure and DoS