Date Author Title
2024-04-17Xavier MertensMalicious PDF File Used As Delivery Mechanism
2023-03-31Jan KoprivaUse of X-Frame-Options and CSP frame-ancestors security headers on 1 million most popular domains
2021-02-12Xavier MertensAgentTesla Dropped Through Automatic Click in Microsoft Help File
2015-12-10Rob VandenBrinkNew Burp Feature - ClickBandit
2014-08-20Kevin ShorttSocial Engineering Alive and Well
2013-11-11Johannes UllrichWhat Happened to the SANS Ads?
2012-02-23donald smithDNS-Changer "clean DNS" extension requested
2011-10-21Johannes UllrichNew Flash Click Jacking Exploit
2010-06-27Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezStudy of clickjacking vulerabilities on popular sites
2010-06-02Bojan ZdrnjaClickjacking attacks on Facebook's Like plugin