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Chrome picks up bonus security features on Windows 10
Quoting ArsTechnica: The browser is now hardened against some classic Windows security flaws.
From the article:

"The Windows 10 November update (version 1511, build 10586) included a handful of new security features to provide protection against some security issues that have kept on popping up in Windows for a number of years. Google yesterday added source code support for these features to the Chrome browser, making Windows 10 the best version of Windows to use with Google's browser."

I know several people who still refuse to use Windows 10. It's understandable. Personally, I don't like the way it looks. Others don't like the fact that Windows 10 shares a lot of personal data with Microsoft, and it's impossible to completely eliminate that sharing.

But from a security standpoint, Windows 10 is better than Windows 7, at least in the few cases where I've tested exploit kit activity and drive-by infections. In those cases, it's more difficult for me to infect a Windows 10 host compared to a Windows 7 host.

Back in the day, people were reluctant to move to Windows XP because of the product activation issues, but XP had a relatively long life, and some people still use it. Now people are reluctant to move to Windows 10. I always wonder if we'll see Windows 10 follow the same arc as Windows XP did.

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