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Who protects small business?
If you're an honest local business in this line of work, I suggest marketing security-related work packages (of varying intensity) to your existing customers in a regular newsletter, tailored to the systems you know they have, and call upon your records of past incidents there and how they might have been prevented.
Steven C.

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The problem I see with these people moving to the cloud is, they will assume since it’s in the cloud it’s safe. What about privacy of medical data if the cloud decides to store the information in another country? What happens when a could provider goes offline? How do we prove the cloud provider is securing the data like they say they are?
The if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality is a real problem. I’m sure most of those people see all the problem reports that occur after people apply the latest patch and say I don’t want to deal with that. What they don’t see are all the reports from people who have no issue at all. Maybe we as an industry should be pushing more success cases to highlight just how reliable most patching is.

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