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Undersea cables out -- Need some more confirmation please.

We received a report from a reader today of an article posted online: here, that says that supposedly 3 out of the 4 internet cables (really?  there are only 4?) that run between Asia and North America have been damaged. 

We have no secondary confirmation of this, other than this article, and if we hear anything we'll post an update, so if you have any information, please write in, via the contact link above.

Internetpulse isn't reporting any problems:  here.

-- Joel Esler


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Dec 19th 2008
That original blog entry was admittedly written in haste (the author has editied and updated since.. but still not grammatically clear).
The web reference he gives to Interoute offers nothing .

Your Bloomberg link was excellent, and is currently on its own 3rd revision.
They also point out that failures in this region are creating bottlenecks as traffic is being re-routed through HongKong to the UK - not the US.

This is another local news link - saying it is just Mediterranean.


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