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Symantec's Global Internet Security Threat Report

One of our readers wrote in that Symantec has released its Global Internet Security Threat Report Volume XIII. They also have a shorter executive summary.

I found the overview of the underground market interesting as it's something I like to use in awareness sessions:

Goods and services Percentage Range of prices
Bank accounts 22% $10-$1000
Credit cards 13% $0.40-$20
Full identities 9% $1-$15
eBay accounts 7% $1-$8
Scams 7% $2.5/week - $50/week for hosting.
$25 for design
Mailers 6% $1-$10
Email addresses 5% $0.83/MB-$10/MB
Email passwords 5% $4-$30
Drop (request or offer) 5% 10%-50% of total drop amount
Proxies 5% $1.50-$30
Source:the Symantec report mentioned above, page 23.

If you have found uncommon gems in the 105 page long report,  feel free to point them out to us.

Swa Frantzen -- Gorilla Security



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Apr 8th 2008

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