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IE7 to hit the streets
Thanks to one of our readers that wrote in to tell us that IE7, in all of it's wonder, will be released this month via Automatic Update according to Microsoft's "IEBlog".

Excuse me if I am less than impressed.  IE4 was bad, as was 5, guess what??  IE6 was horrible too.  IE7 will be par for the course.  I've tried it, yes, I've used it, yes.  But it just looks like every other browser!  I mean, thank you Microsoft for finally making functionality available that has been in other browsers since...  1995?

Your RSS reader looks like Apples, your Tabbed browsing looks like...  everyone elses..  and your security..  well..  lets at least HOPE its better.

My advice?  Diversify.  Use other browsers.  I use Safari, Firefox, and Opera.  I own zero Windows based computers, but I have access to thousands.  I suggest you out there in 'reader land' switch to something else.  Unless we see empirical evidence that IE7 is vastly more secure and superior..  it will be just like every other browser that has been out since 2000. 

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Oct 9th 2006

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