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Extreme Disclosure? Not yet but a great trend!
A Red Roof Inn notification just rolled in.

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Do we have any details on the method of the breach itself?
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Add to the list.

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I just got almost the exact letter from Verizon for FIOS.

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I got notices from Eurosport ( and TIAA-CREF yesterday

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my parents got one from scottrade as well. so you can add them to the list

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Add (1-800-Flowers) to the list

1. Data breaches suck - I had to waste time vetting the breach notification email to see if it was a scam (there was nothing on google about a breach when I received the notification)

2. WTF did Epsilon even have my info? My last business with 1800-Flowers was 4 years ago, I made it clear to them that I wanted no ads, no contact, no promotions, no emails, etc - just take my money and deliver the flowers. Yet they pass the info to their pet spamdogs?

THAT is one seriously broken part of "online advertising"

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