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Are you a "Hunter"?
Find the "good" and deny the bad.

Scan backups and images, don't scan production. This should be automated like backups are automated.

Coming from a hacker background, I can see why all the white hat / security professionals are on the losing side.

1) Hackers make tools and share... security pros don't share anything except how they got hacked. There is no *real* community.

2) Security pros are in love with hackers. Let's face it, hackers do some cool stuff. You rarely see any "cool" anti-virus or anti-malware techniques and tools.

3) Security pros follow rules, guidelines, best practices, etc. Hackers will do anything... the unthinkable. Security pros are predictable.

Long story short, as a hacker and security professional I'm always hunting. I have to protect my systems from other hackers and ensure any thing I develop gets past both parties.

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I'm most certainly a hunter.I do have a question though and was going to start a new thread around it.
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