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Splunk: Any way to fetch logs via ssh
Hello Experts,

I have a splunk server and ssh access to a server with read-only access to logs. I can ssh from the machine on which I have splunk server.

Is there a way with which I can fetch the logs and index them (and do further processing). It will be a hurdle to install splunk( forwarder on the machine which has the logs (it's in production and hence under tight control)

Help me ont this!


I would say that everything is possible with Splunk but it can be more complex than expected.
If you can't install a Splunk Forwarder, what are the type(s) of logs to collect? Binary? Text? Can you maybe export them via Syslog?

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It sounds like we are under similar restrictions for working with production servers. No chance of my getting the forwarder approved to run there in my environment either.

I do this with sftp via a .bat file (Windows). Splunk monitors a local directory. I have the sftp set to pull the (entire) file from the remote server every 10 minutes and place it in that directory. So there is a delay, but acceptable for my purposes.
Jack G.

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