VLC's Check For Updates: No Updates?

Published: 2022-12-05
Last Updated: 2022-12-05 16:58:49 UTC
by Didier Stevens (Version: 1)
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When Johannes mentioned a VLC update (version 3.0.18) on Thursday's Stormcast, I started VLC and let it check for updates: it reported that I had the latest version. But I knew I didn't.

Saturday I checked again, still no updates. So I started Wireshark, let VLC do an update check, and saw this:

An HTTP request is made to host update.videolan.org path /vlc/status-win-x64. The reply says 3.0.16 is the latest version.

That's why I get no updates when VLC does the check.

The same is true for 32-bit VLC.

I informed the Videolan team.

Update: the version files are updated:

Didier Stevens
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3 comment(s)


Wait, wait, wait... You say VLC servers provide update URL over an unencrypted channel?
Alternatively one can download directly from videolan.org if one doesn't mind that the items are signed by expired keys...
Seems to be at .18 now.

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