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Published: 2008-07-11
Last Updated: 2008-07-11 19:16:16 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 3)
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Over the last month or so, several of our favorite tools have been updated and we haven't necessarily mentioned them all here, so for those of you not standing in line waiting for your new iPhone 3G, here are a few to update.

  • Wireshark.  I was going to do this story last night at the very beginning of my shift and mention that 1.0.1 was out, well, 1.0.2 just came out and fixes a couple of issues including a potentially somewhat serious reassembly issue, see CVE-2008-3137 and CVE-2008-3141.
  • Our friend, Daniel Cid has released OSSEC 1.5.1 and yesterday mentioned that he is in the process of adding the capability of checking a system against the CIS Security Benchmarks.  Read more about it here.
  • Another of our friends, Chris Rohlf has updated his binhash tool to v0.6.0 you can get it here.

Also, for those who like to shove data into MySQL databases for further analysis (who doesn't?), I came across these 2 posts by Marcin about a couple of Python scripts for parsing nmap and nessus output and loading them into MySQL.  They look useful, though I haven't had an opportunity to do much with them yet.


Update: (2008-07-11 18:50UTC)  Andreas Schuster points out that version 1.2 of mdd has also been released.

Update 2: (2008-07-11 19:15UTC) And how could I have forgotten that TrueCrypt v6.0a is out.  Sigh...  Announcement here and download here.


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Don't forget that Nmap 4.68 was released on June 28.


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