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Published: 2017-01-12
Last Updated: 2017-01-12 01:20:35 UTC
by Mark Baggett (Version: 1)
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A couple of tools were updated and release today.    

Network Miner was updated.  Version 2.1 is not available for download.  Network Miner is packet sniffer/analyzer focused on extracting application layer forensic artifacts.   The update adds new protocols and enhances email reassembly options.

Blackhills Information Security released a Powershell version of the DNSCAT2 client.   DNSCAT2 is a popular command and control tool that uses the DNS infrastructure to control hosts inside a tightly filtered perimeter.   This new DNSCAT2 client is a Powershell implementation of the popular tool and will certainly be a hit with penetration testers.

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NetworkMiner 2.1 has actually been available for download since yesterday (January 11).

Here's the link for the download:

The link is also available at the official NetworkMiner page:

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