Phishing PDF Received in my ISC Mailbox

Published: 2022-05-07
Last Updated: 2022-05-07 16:40:57 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 1)
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I received several PDF like these in the past few days in my ISC mailbox and decided to look at 3 that were very similar. All 3 files are a one page picture with nothing else in it except a URL.

Looking at the first one using Didier's tool:

There is something interesting in all 3 of them, they all have a URL (/URI) embedded in them. Using, lets extract the URLs:




What is interesting about all 3 email is they all have the same behavior with the same location /a/. The first 2 URLs do not resolve, only aleksalekss[.]ru resolve to which was recently activated on the 28 March 2022. Several files have been submitted to VirusTotal in the past 4 days with 0 to low detection[1]. None of the 3 files below had any matches (submissions) in VirusTotal.

Indicator of Compromised (IOCs)

Domains & IP

aleksalekss[.]ru/a/ [4] [2][3]


183ca34d4b44b7829691914f061bc464d3ac69242e447376b3c9ac6b17e9cecf  31395491-c4be-410a-bced-33c5ffa3dfa8.pdf
71a43d397b93206e7834e7e85b230b4e8391546c37a9b23bfe94d66f573deedc  3c269e40-66de-4b73-927d-d432a657f3c5.pdf
5c0c5306b1ca1f5c98bcb050fa31407318ab3a8ff4ecd44365cc1d32acb553e9  f9098979-c185-4256-bec9-5ea786d7ac7a.pdf


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