Malspam pushing Quasar RAT

Published: 2019-09-25
Last Updated: 2019-09-25 00:15:40 UTC
by Brad Duncan (Version: 1)
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Quasar is a publicly-available Remote Access Tool (RAT) for Windows hosts.  Here is a link to the Github page for Quasar RAT.  This RAT is occasionally distributed as malware through malicious spam (malspam).  On Tuesday 2019-09-24 I found malspam with malware based on Quasar RAT.  Today's diary reviews the infection activity.

The email

Shown above:  Screenshot of the email.

Shown above:  The attachment and extracted Windows executable for Quasar RAT.

Infection traffic

Shown above:  Screenshot of the infection traffic filtered in Wireshark.

Post-infection forensics

Shown above:  Quasar RAT artifacts on the infected Windows host

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

The following infection traffic was seen on my infected lab host:

  • 192.3.204[.]194 port 442 - www.tradersbolt[.]com - GET /126/invoice1.exe
  • port 80 - ip-api[.]com - GET /json/ - IP address check (not inherently malicious)
  • 92.99.135[.]246 port 4782 - greatest.ddns[.]net - attempted TCP connections but no response
  • 45.74.60[.]135 port 4782 - greatest.ddns[.]net - Quasar RAT C2 traffic
  • port 80 - puu[.]sh - GET /jMSLc.txt
  • port 443 - puu[.]sh - HTTPS traffic
  • port 80 - icanhazip[.]com - GET / - IP address check (not inherently malicious)
  • port 587 - mail.totallyanonymous[.]com - Encrypted SMTP traffic from Quasar RAT-infected host

The following items are malware associated with this infection:

SHA256 hash: abc980ebd2463ff522ff090914cc21d02915f643f385ee0ea0af23d51a18e47f

  • File size: 861,270 bytes
  • File name:
  • File description: Zip attachment from malspam

SHA256 hash: edcbbb59405b2bb97269ed5db32a15b57154221adb9504ff828ee367953cccc1

  • File size: 1,084,928 bytes
  • File name: invoice1.exe
  • File location: hxxps://www.tradersbolt[.]com/126/invoice1.exe
  • File location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\filename.exe
  • File description: Quasar RAT EXE extracted from zip attachment or retreived from link in the malspam

SHA256 hash: 065ac3f23800921135b1794706aca86ab59c94ab463c5c17a4d3535bf9aab828

  • File size: 300,544 bytes
  • File location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\4VBTZWE4Ngo6.exe
  • File description: File created when Quasar RAT EXE was executed (1 of 2)

SHA256 hash: 389863b056fa0c3d4ebf130103445bc56769824f1e6cecea9c950744b80752b0

  • File size: 422,139 bytes
  • File location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp\K8k8zyGhVEbc.exe
  • File description: File created when Quasar RAT EXE was executed (2 of 2)

Final words

The email, a pcap of the infection traffic, and the associated malware is available here.

Brad Duncan
brad [at]

Keywords: malspam Quasar RAT
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