Ilfak Guilfanov's website, back again

Published: 2006-01-04
Last Updated: 2006-01-04 23:57:38 UTC
by Bojan Zdrnja (Version: 1)
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As you probably noticed, Ilfak Guilfanov's website,, has been suspended. We presume that the main reason for this are bandwidth issues; we'll let you know if that's not the case (hopefully there were no evil intentions behind this).

In the mean time, if you need the unofficial patch, you can download it from our website. The link was posted in a previous story, here.


Ilfak's site is back, reduced to the bare minimum as it had very high load. If you still can't reach it's possible that there is some caching between you/your ISP/Ilfak's site.

Thanks to Alexander Hoff for pointing out that, due to changes on Ilfak's site, URLs from old diary entries don't work anymore. You can go to the main web page, to access Ilfak's files.

Just one more update - if you can't access the site, the main reason is that your DNS server(s) still don't have the updated (new) DNS entries. Ilfak changed IP address of his site so it will take a while for this to propagate.

Ilfak added several other servers - the DNS entries should have propagated changes by now so you should use the domain name (and let DNS servers help with load balancing).
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