Getting a web browser without a web browser?

Published: 2007-12-20
Last Updated: 2007-12-20 21:53:17 UTC
by William Stearns (Version: 1)
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The ongoing issues and questions about Internet Explorer raised an interesting question: On Windows, if Internet Explorer doesn't work for some reason, how would you get a working web browser?

It turns out the command line "ftp" tool (included with windows) could be used to get firefox from an ftp mirror of the Mozilla software collection.  Get to a command prompt ("Start", "Run" and type "command<Enter>").  In that command prompt, run:

User: anonymous
Password: {your email address}
cd /pub/
mget *.exe
(say yes to getting Firefox Setup

        Now that you're back to the command prompt, run this command, including the quotes as the file has spaces in the name:

"Firefox Setup"

This post isn't intended to imply that Firefox is better on any level.  We just wanted to offer a way to get a working web browser if Internet Explorer refuses to run for any reason.

3 comment(s)


How do you read this, if your IE refuses to do what it's suposed to do?
> ...How do you read this, if your IE refuses...

You read this over on your Linux box, silly.
I work for a small ISP and we do repair, malware cleaning etc. Quite often we get clients giving us PCs with BHO/ActiveX hijacks that render IE all but useless, so we maintain a CD (updated monthly) with the current Firefox/AVG/AdAware/Spybot on it. Heck! We're not putting that puppy online in our office until we're reasonably sure it's clean!

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