Fyodor nmap author would like your help on two things.

Published: 2010-04-08
Last Updated: 2010-04-08 19:38:31 UTC
by donald smith (Version: 1)
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First the Nmap Project was once again accepted for the Google
Summer of Code program, so he will have full time coding help this
summer!  SoC previously brought them the Nmap Scripting Engine, Zenmap,
Ncat, 2nd generation OS detection, and great developers such as David
Fifield, Doug Hoyte, and Patrick Donnelly.  But one of their biggest
challenges is getting the word out.  They won't get great applicants if
they don't know about the program.  So if you know any college/grad
students (or are one) who might be interested, please point them to
http://nmap.org/soc/ ASAP.  They gain valuable experience writing code
used by millions of people and even earn a $5,000 stipend!  But the
application deadline is THIS FRIDAY at NOON U.S. Pacific Time (that is
19:00 UTC).  Our project ideas are listed at http://nmap.org/soc/.

He is also pleased to announce the 2010 Nmap/Sectools Survey! He
previously ran this survey in 2000, 2003, and 2006, and it helped
guide Nmap development as well as sharing our collective wisdom
through http://sectools.org/.  He had 3,243 responses in 2006 and is
trying to reach 5,000 this year.  And this year he has upped the ante
by offering prizes!  So please take this quick survey, and in return
they will build you a better Nmap and a new and improved Sectools.Org:


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