Firefox update time (updated)

Published: 2006-04-14
Last Updated: 2006-04-14 15:01:07 UTC
by Swa Frantzen (Version: 2)
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Just a quick note to mention Firefox has released version (and 1.0.8, for those who were not able to upgrade to 1.5) of it's browser. This update fixes some undisclosed security issues.  (UPDATE:  Mozilla has been releasing details about the issues on their security page.  Other alerting services such as Secunia and FrSIRT also have new bulletins available.  [m. sachs])

Intel based Mac users can choose to install a universal binary instead of running it in roseta. Choose carefully as it has consequences for the way you install it and for the add-ons you might be able to use.

Some of our readers reported trouble finding the downloads in this early stage, the ftp archive has the best chance of success if the automatic updates fail for you.
Swa Frantzen - Section 66
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