Firefox 3.5 is available

Published: 2009-06-30
Last Updated: 2009-06-30 16:40:55 UTC
by Chris Carboni (Version: 1)
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Firefox 3.5 has been released.

If your browser didn't automagically update, you can download the newest version from

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1 comment(s)


I just installed it and was able to use it for about an hour before falling back to 3.x. Strangeness: periodically lose the ability to use the mouse wheel to scroll, scroll bar would jump to left side of browser, forms would no longer submit (and I get a message telling me that I am submitting a form across unencrypted sites; say 'continue' and it doesn't), 'options' dialog window blank except for 'ok' and 'cancel' buttons, add-ons I use on a daily basis not updated yet. I'll wait for 3.5.1 I guess.

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