Microsoft Sept Patches and Weblogic vulnerability

Published: 2004-09-14
Last Updated: 2004-09-15 00:47:33 UTC
by Jason Lam (Version: 1)
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Microsoft released 2 security bulletin today

Microsoft has released 2 updates today - MS04-027 and MS04-028.

MS04-027 - This vulnerability affects Microsoft Office, the vulnerability is in the WordPerfect converter of MS Office. Microsoft assigned the serverity as "important" for this vulnerability.

MS04-028 - There is a buffer overflow vulnerability in Microsoft's GDI+ - a graphical component in Windows operating system which handles JPEG processing. This vulnerability affects most Microsoft's software that has that ability to process JPEG on Windows platform (Office, IE...). Microsoft assigned the serverity as "critical" for this vulnerability. If a remote attacker can trick a user to browse/view a malicious JPEG file, malicious code embeded in the JPEG will be executed with the possibility to compromise the machine.

ISC Handler Donald Smith pointed out that if you have installed any of the affected programs or affected components listed in this bulletin, you should install the requiredsecurity update for each of the affected programs or affected components. This may require the installation of multiple security
updates. The non-affected versions of Windows do not natively contain the
vulnerable component. However, the vulnerable component is installed on
these non-affected operating systems when you install any of the
software programs or components that are listed in the Affected Software
and Affected Components sections of this bulletin. See the FAQ section
of this bulletin for more information.
Weblogic vulnerability

BEA have released 9 vulnerability alerts for Weblogic server. These vulnerabilities affect versions from 6.1 to 8.1. If you are running BEA Weblogic server, it's time to deploy patches. These alerts can be found at the following URL,

Wordlist for cracking

We have recent reports that some bots and other hacking tools are using the wordlist located at for password cracking attempts. It would be a good idea to feed this wordlist to your own cracker before the attackers do.

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