Apple Remote Desktop update fixes no encryption issue

Published: 2012-08-22
Last Updated: 2012-08-22 00:15:28 UTC
by Adrien de Beaupre (Version: 1)
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The Remote Desktop 3.6.1 update from Apple fixes the problem that if a user connected to a remote VNC server that did not have encrytion enabled, there was no encryption, even though "Encrypt all network data" is set. The user wasnot alerted to the problem. I particularly like software that allows you to select a secure option, then promptly ignores it, without telling you. The solution is that now the Remote Desktop application first attempts to login via SSH, then tunnels over the connection. The connection will now fail is "Encrypt all network data" is set and the SSH tunnel is not established. The CVE for this issue is CVE-2012-0681. More information from Apple is here:

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