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tcp gnutella-svc gnutella-svc
udp gnutella-svc gnutella-svc
tcp BearShare BearShare file sharing app
udp BearShare BearShare file sharing app
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2004-09-15 16:50:40
A lot of white nose generated from file-sharing which sends a message to many other machines saying 'talk to me on this port', the firewall just gets in the way and hence reports to ISC. Only cause for concirn I can see is that if there really was a vunribility or a worm using this port, it may go undetected.
Darrin 2004-06-21 17:07:40
6346.TCP is Limewire, a file sharing program P2P,default port
kill gnutella!!!! 2003-05-15 16:24:07
i connected to the network once and now i get a connection about 10 times a minute because of it. these file sharing apps are really agressive. do not use them unless you want to be ping flooded to death.
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