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Report Fake Tech Support Calls

We are trying to better understand how common "Fake Tech Support" calls are, and what they are trying to achieve. If you received a call that claims to provide tech support, or another service, only to extract information from you or to trick you into installing malware on your system, please use the form below to report any details.

None of the fields are mandatory. You do not need to log in to file a report, but if you do not log in, you will not be able to review and amend your report later. [NOTE: The edit function will be added to your account in the future] We may contact you with more details if you enter a valid e-mail address.

Please do not enter any personal information (like your phone number, or any data like credit card numbers the attacker tried to extract). If you suffered any damage from the attack, you may consider contacting law enforcement. Also note that it may be illegal to record the phone call unless the caller allows you to do so.

A Statistics reporting page can be viewed at

Privacy Note: We will share this data in aggregate form as part of the publicly visible reports on this site. Individual submissions may be shared with other researchers.

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Was the call automated or did a person call you?:
Was the caller male of female?:
What language did the call use?:
Did the caller have a strong accent (non native speaker)?:
If the caller asked you to visit a URL, which URL was it?:
Did the caller ask for remote access to your system?:
Did the caller identify an organization they claimed to be affiliated with?:
Did the caller ask for credit card data?:
Did the caller ask for other personal information?:
If the caller asked for other information, list it here::
What phone number did the call come from?
(If you have caller ID):
Describe the call (any details not listed above, what information did you provide? What commands where you asked to execute?):
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